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Antique Pair of Bronzes Mercury & Ceres After Giambologna Grand Tour styleAntique

‘Mercury & Ceres’ after Giambologna (1529-1608)

A very fine pair of late 19th century continental “Grand Tour” style bronzes after the antique. The figure of Mercury depicted holding a Caduceus in hand, Ceres wrapped in flowing robes, a pair of shears in one hand. Both raised on a blowing Zephyr with turned rouge marble plinths, square black Belgium marble bases and a cast bronze band of Cherubs depicting the Arts. Both in good original condition. Very minor chips to bases.

Height 19 3/4” (50cm)

Square bases 3 3/4” (9.5cm)


Circa 1860

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Antique ‘Grand Tour’ Bronze Mars & Minerva

A Pair of Continental, probably French, patinated bronze & parcel gilt figures of Mars & Minerva from the 19th century. Minerva seated with spear in right hand, shield in left, a rams fleece at her feet and an owl resting upon her head. The seated figure of Mars looking to sinister, wearing a plumed helmet, resting his right hand on a sword with an oval shield his feet. Both with stepped Belgian black marble pedestals with fluted columns to each corner. Lovely original condition. Small flake to front of Mars base.

Height 12 1/2” (31.5cm)

Width 4 3/4” (12cm)

Depth 4” (10cm)


Circa 1870

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Antique Pompeii Grand Tour Bronze Cups & Covers on Marble Bases

A pair of ‘Grand Tour’ Continental Belgium black marble and patinated bronze cups and covers. The twin handled ‘Scyphus’ cups cast with naturalistic trailing ivy leaves and berries, with similarly cast lids, above a stepped marble plinth base mounted with a classical relief frieze, leaf & berry mouldings and standing on paw feet to the front.
After the Pompeii silver cup from the mid 1st century AD, held in the Museum of Naples, believed to be associated with the god of wine, Bacchus.

Height 16” (40.5cm)

Width 7 7/8” (20cm)

Depth 5 7/8” (15cm)


Circa 1870

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Augustus of Prima Porta Grand Tour Bronze


Augustus of Prima Porta

A 19th century Italian bronze figure of Augustus Caesar. The figure is modelled after the Antique discovered in 1863 in Prima Porta, Rome. Signed to the plinth base ‘Po CHIAPPARELLI Fe ROMA’

Augustus was the adopted son of Julius Caesar. He became emperor in 27 BC. This statue represents the Emperor in armour, with a cupid on his right side sitting on a dolphin. On his breastplate is represented the historical scene of the restitution of an emblem lost by Crassus in 54 BC, at the Battle of Carrhae. This emblem was subsequently placed in the temple of Mars the Avenger in the Forum of Augustus.

Height 17 1/2” (44.5cm)

Width 9” (23cm)

Diameter at base 6” (15.2cm)


Circa 1870

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After The Antique Medici & Borghese Bronze Vases Grand Tour Style

A Continental pair of patinated bronze & parcel gilt models of the Borghese & Medici vases, after the antique. The deep frieze cast with mythological bas-relief figures. Twin fluted loop handles rise from satyrs heads to the sides, above acanthus leaf bases and fluted spreading base with square plinth.

Height 9 1/4“ (23.5cm)

Base square 3 3/4“ (9.5cm)

Top diameter 6 3/4”(17cm)

Probably Italian

Circa 1870