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Antique Bronze Animalier Bronze Dog by Louis Riche

Louis Riché (1877-1949)
‘Jollet & Cie Paris Anche Mon Colin’ Foundry
An early 20th century sand cast bronze animalier of a German Shepherd dog by Louis Riché. The finely detailed figure lying down on a naturalistic base with rich green/brown/golden patina. Cast by the Jollet & Cie foundry.
In 1906 The Maison Colin4585 changed it’s name to Jollet & Cie, however it also kept it’s original name adding the wording “Ancienne Maison Collin” on all their castings until 1911.
Height 6 1/4” (16cm)

Width 10 1/4” (26cm)

Depth 3 1/8” (8cm)


Circa 1910