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Patinated Bronze Ulysses Arming His Bow

A late 19th century, French, patinated bronze figure of ‘Ulysses arming his Bow’ after Jacques Bousseau ( 1681-1740). The mythological figure of Ulysses naturalistically modelled, resting on a tree stump, straining to arm his bow, and supported by a square verde marble plinth. Retaining the original dark green patination.


Circa 1890

Jacques Bousseau, 1681-1740, was a French sculptor. He was a pupil of the celebrated Nicolas Coustou, and was approved at the French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture, in 1715. In France and Spain he bore the title of King of Sculptor and was well known and respected during his lifetime. Various examples of his sculptures, as with other of his contemporaries, were copied by sculptors in the late 19th Century, to satisfy demand for classical pieces such as this.