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Continental Bronze Antique Pair of Warriors

A pair of 19th century patinated bronze, Continental, figures of warriors. The figures finely cast, poised for action, with plumed helmet and holding a shield in the left hand standing on sienna marble rectangular plinths. The spear replaced.

These figures are inspired from ‘The Intervention of the Sabine Women’ a 1799 painting by Jaques-Louis David, depicting a legendary episode following the abduction of the Sabine women. The painting depicts Romulus’s wife Hersilia – the daughter of Titus Tatius, leader of the Sabines – rushing between her husband and her father and placing her babies between them. Romulus prepares to strike a half-retreating Tatius with his spear, but hesitates.

Height 7″

Width 5″

Depth2 1/2″


Circa 1870