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Antique Pair of French Bronzes Maidens Playing Knucklebones

A pair of late 19th century, French, bronze figures of young girls playing, supported on oval marble plinths. One girl is dressed in a Chiton playing ‘knucklebones’, a game of chance, the other is playing with a lizard. Black patination on gilt bronze bases.

Height 9 1/2” (24cm)

Width 10 1/2” (25.5cm)

Depth 7 1/2” (19cm)


Circa 1880

Often attributed to Pradier (1790-1852), the “Girl Playing Knucklebones” is in fact a copy after the famous Antique statue discovered by Vigna Giustiniani in 1732, today conserved at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. In 1732, Etienne Parrocel (1696-1776) realized a drawing after the original marble, today conserved at the Louvre Museum in Paris.