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After Cortot Antique ‘The Soldier of Marathon’ Bronze

After Jean-Pierre Cortot (d. 1843) Cast by F Barbedienne

A late 19th century ‘The soldier of Marathon’ bronze cast by Barbedienne after Cortot. Depicted the moment when the weary soldier collapses onto the ground atop his shield and sword.  In a final burst of pride, he raises his chest and brandishes the palm of victory aloft. Dark green/brown patination. Signed to the base ‘Barbedienne’. The foundry produced this model in 4 editions, this being reduction number 4.

The sculpture of the Greek soldier Phidippides who ran the 26 miles from Marathon to Athens to announce the news of a great Greek battle victory.  This heroic event has since given birth to the famous marathon race, the length of which is equal to the distance from Marathon to Athens. Soldier of Marathon was first sculpted in marble by Cortot expressly for the palace of King Louis-Philippe.  The original is now one of the treasures of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Height 15 3/4″ (40cm)

Width 17″ (43cm)

Depth 7 3/4″ (20cm)


Circa 1880