Antique Grand Tour Bronze Spinario by Barbedienne


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Barbedienne Fondeur
A late 19th century, French, bronze figure of a seated boy removing a thorn from the sole of his foot. Rich chocolate brown patination. ‘Reduction mechanique’ seal to base, inscribed ‘Barbedienne Fondeur”.
Also known as ‘Fedelino’ or ‘Boy with Thorn’, the original Greco-Roman Hellenistic bronze sculpture is in the Palazzo die Conservatori, Rome. There is also a Roman marble version in the Medici collection, Florence.

Height 9 3/8” (24cm)

Width 7 1/4” (18.3cm)

Depth 3 7/8” (9.7cm)


Circa 1890

Produced in three sizes by Barbedienne, this is the second largest size.